The Scariest Words in All Existence


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There are certain scriptures that are not only remarkable but sobering and even shocking. Matthew describes a day where many will call upon the name of the Lord but will be told Christ does not know them. This event will be surprising, shocking and horrifying. The bible states "Many" are told to forever depart from the presence of our Lord because He knows them not. Not some, few but many. Matthew 7:21-23

Jesus is not speaking about those who we would consider the logical receipt for this rebuke. He is not speaking of atheists, those who part of various religions or even those who deny Christ. Instead Jesus is speaking to people who believe they meet the requirements to be recognized by God as a followers of Christ. They believe their destiny is Heaven and for eternity. These people hear words that are by every measure are worse than anything else without comparison. These are not known by, accepted or going to heaven.

Much of modern society's concept considers the righteousness of good intentioned people as justification for not deserving punishment and the reason for heaven and not hell. Scripture presents story which is in opposition to this belief and the works and righteousness of well meaning people is not accepted by Christ in Matthew 7:21-23.

So what went wrong! How is it possible for what is described as "Many" to be so self-deceived.


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