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The most important relationship a Christian maintains is Jesus Christ. Victorious Christians primary focus is Jesus, and our goal is providing a platform where Christian Singles can socialize in a dynamic environment rooted in Jesus.

The people behind Victorious Christians are Christians like you. We understand that our needs are provided for only through God’s Power, Grace and Mercy and have created this platform to honor both God and His people.

Please consider joining with us and growing the Best Christian Singles platform online.



Victorious Christians is designed for connecting One to One or engagement with our Christian Singles Community!

Victorious Christians connects believers who cherish Christian relationships while celebrating their relationship with Christ!



Create and participate all kind of group discussion while adding to your points and badges


Build relationships and earn points and badges for liking, adding friends and many other activities


Communicate by private messages & real-time chat. Audio and Video group and one to one calling keeps everyone connected.

Some Features


Enjoy our Connect search and meet others who are looking for rich relationships with other likeminded Christian Singles


Victorious Christians is built for Fun and Socialization. Earn all kinds of badges, points and achievements for all kinds of activities


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