The Victorious Christians platform is designed for real Christians to have a great place to get together, communicate and fellowship with one another in fun and exciting ways. The term Real Christians as used is intended to define Real as true believers in Christ who hold firm to the teachings of Scripture within the Holy Bible and also believe all that is taught within.  We share the deep desire for those around us and so many others we are connected to know the true saving faith which is found in only Jesus Christ, however Victorious Christians is not designed to debate the authenticity of Scripture or the deity of the Lord Jesus and God. Biblical discussion is certainly encouraged between believers desire to communicate their understanding of biblical topics. True believers in Christ have a deep profound love for our Lord and discussion always is rooted in respect, love and a desire too share about the goodness of God. When this is the motivation when sharing your understanding of scripture and your beliefs everyone will benefit and be blessed. Our primary goal is to honor God through this platform will we allow true believers to connect and develop relationships with one another. 

Considering the number of websites online which label themselves Christian yet do not appear to be engaged in Christian behavior or activities you can see growing a good community is a formidable task. Some of the ways we will utilize to grow the community that will honor God will be through prayer that God use this website and the people who are our members to glorify himself. We will ask assistance from the community to report behavior and content which is offensive to Christian beliefs and we will also charge a fee for the use of Victorious Christians. It’s less likely that someone who has to pay a fee to use a website will pay that fee in order to simply be disruptive to that community. Currently the use of the website is totally free and all features are open to use for all. This is to help us establish a community base and will provide notification at the correct point in time when it becomes necessary to charge your fee. As for today rejoice and be glad for it is the day the Lord has made!