• 4 Lessons

    Building Strong Relationships: A Guide to Growing Closer to Christ and Others

    Welcome to 'Building Strong Relationships'! This course is designed to help you grow closer to Christ and others in your life. Through engaging lessons and practical tips, you'll learn how to build a strong foundation with Christ, strengthen your relationships with others, and navigate the challenges of romantic love. With the guidance of scripture and the wisdom of experienced Christian leaders, you'll discover the power of forgiveness, open communication, and honesty in building healthy and joyful relationships. Are you ready to transform your life and relationships through the love of Christ? Join us on this exciting journey today!
  • 5 Lessons

    Creating a Strong Marriage Foundation: Tips and Strategies for Modern Couples

    This course is designed to provide young couples with the tools and knowledge they need to build a strong and lasting foundation for their future…
  • 7 Lessons

    Discovering Your Purpose: A Faith-Based Journey for Singles

    Are you searching for your purpose as a single Christian? This course will guide you through a faith-based journey of self-discovery, helping you to uncover your unique calling and live a life of purpose and meaning. Join us for weekly lessons, interactive activities, and community discussion as we explore what it means to live out our faith as single Christians.
  • 5 Lessons

    Embracing the Radical Love of Jesus: A Bible Study on Understanding Jesus’ Love for Christians

    This course is an in-depth exploration of Jesus' love for Christians, with a focus on understanding the significance of Jesus' words and actions as recorded in the Bible. Through a combination of Bible study and personal reflection, participants will learn about the meaning behind Jesus' teachings and commands and how they can apply these lessons to their own lives as believers. The course will cover topics such as the role of the Holy Spirit in enabling us to love others, contextualizing Jesus' teachings, and reflecting on Jesus' love in one's own life and faith. The course will also include optional bonus material, such as additional resources and suggested activities for further study and application. The goal of the course is to help participants gain a deeper understanding of Jesus' love and learn how to love others in a selfless and radical way, as Jesus demonstrated throughout his life on earth.