Victorious Christians

Why Believe The Bible
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While there are people that place full confidence in the bible being the written word of God expressed though men by the work of the Holy Spirit that is not the case for all. Perhaps for many. I have heard on more than several occasions a person identify them-self as Christian while at the same...
I am The Way, The Truth and The Life - Jesus
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Many recognize a famous quote in John 14, where Jesus tells His disciples that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. What did the words Jesus spoke really mean for those who heard them and for us today?
The Scariest Words in All Existence
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There are certain scriptures that are not only remarkable but sobering and even shocking. Matthew describes a day where many will call upon the name of the Lord but will be told Christ does not know them. This event will be surprising, shocking and horrifying. The bible states "Many" are told...
Creation vs Evolution
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Creation vs. evolution is not simply a question of differences of science versus the Bible or faith versus vs science. It’s the battle between two starting points; the battle is between God’s Word and man’s word. Which starting point are you invested in? Present your evidence.
What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?
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The concept of the biblical trinity is difficult if not impossible to understand without faith. The bible speaks of three unique persons existing one God. An accurate understanding of what God has revealed about himself is essential to the Christian life. What does the Bible teach about...
What is Salvation?
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Scripture says salvation is by grace though faith, a gift and belief is necessary. Help others understand the importance of receiving this free gift. What is Salvation?
What happens after death?
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A primary focus of the bible speaks to life after death in the body. An individuals beliefs at death determine where each person will spend eternity. Help others understand the importance of belief. so... What happens after death?