Uploading Media to Gallery


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Uploading your pet pictures is simple and similar to what you use elsewhere. For guidance these images will direct how to save photos and videos from your phone or camera on Fleabag.

Once logged in you can upload media directly from the Fleabag homepage.

After clicking the Add Media Button a dialog box will open and give you the option to upload your media to the appropriate category depending on your media time. You also have the option to create your own personal gallery and chose who can see the gallery. You can make it public, private or choose who can see.

You can also head over to the Media Section to see what others are posting by using the Media Button on the Navigation Bar

At the Media Section you can use the same process to upload media

You will be presenting with the same options of where you can save media or choose to create your own gallery

Select where you are saving the media and choose the file from your computer

After the photos or videos have uploaded they will have the file name they are saved with on your computer

Renaming the files makes for a much better gallery experience. So name the photo what you like and add a description that tells the story behind the image/video

Save the media and you are done.

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