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Video, Audio Chat and Group Messaging

Victorious Christian messaging systems offer a range of features that you can use to enhance communication between users on your website. Some of these features include: 

  • Users can start HD group video chats: You can start high definition group video chats with up to 16 participants in threads, group chats, and chat rooms. 
  • Users can start HD group audio chats: You can start high definition group audio chats with up to 50 participants in threads, group chats, and chat rooms. 
  • Web push notifications: You can receive web push notifications even if you are offline. 
  • Communicate securely and privately: You can communicate securely with other users, with all sensitive content encrypted using AES256 on your server side. Our server has no way to decode this content. 
  • Keeping your data yours: We do not store any private data on our side. All messages and other private content are stored in your website database. 
  • No limits: Our infrastructure allows for unlimited concurrent connections. 
  • Using mini chats: You can continue messaging in real-time using mini chat windows anywhere on Victorious Christians. 
  • Checking message status: You can see the status of your messages (sent, delivered, or seen). 
  • Seeing typing indicators: You can see when another participant is writing a new message in real-time. 
  • Accessing mini threads lists: You can quickly access user conversations from any place on your website using mini threads. 
  • Checking presence indicators and user statuses: You can see if a user is online and allow them to set their status (e.g., online, away, do not disturb). 
  • Users can make HD video calls: You can make unlimited 1-to-1 video calls using your webcam. 
  • Users can make HD audio calls: You can make unlimited 1-to-1 audio calls using your microphone. 
  • Users are able share their screens with others during video and audio calls, group video and audio chats. 
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