About Us

Victorious Christians is packed with powerful and interactive features connecting Christian Singles on a platform built to honor God above all other things. 

Flexible settings allow you to configure our platform to suit your desires. You are free to use the all the available features or only the ones you choose.

All of the features listed below are available to use for all members.



Feature Packed

Victorious Christians is packed with powerful and fun interactive features
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Profile Matchmaking

Victorious Christian's Matching System finds members who share your beliefs
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Meet Me

Meet Me

Browse member profiles and add them to meeting lists and more
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Video Chat

Video/Audio Chat

Connect instantly with Victorious Christians real-time audio-video system
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Message Baord

Message Boards

Victorious Christians message boards are designed for engagement in important topics including relationships, Christian life and much more...
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Video Uploads

Like sharing Videos? Our system converts any format video for mobile friendly viewing
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Here are a few of Victorious Christians' powerful and fun interactive features.  


The Meetme feature allows users to browse member profiles and add them to a meeting list. Users also can browse people who want to meet them. Meetme combines with other features Who's Near Me, Profile Matching, Who Viewed Me, Gifts and our Video and Audio Chat System.

Profile Matchmaking

Are you looking to identify the Christians who you share interests with? Are you looking to find like-minded Christians who share your beliefs? Victorious Christian's Profile Matching is perfect for you. It will provide matches with other members showing the match percentage calculated on answering predefined questions that members wishing to participate can answer.

Who Viewed Me

Want to know who is looking at your profile? This feature will notify you when other members have visited your profile.

People Near Me

This feature allows members to find other members who are near them.  This feature requires users to enter their address so the system can suggest people that are close to them.

Video/Audio Chat

Victorious Christians features real-time audio-video and real-time connecting capabilities. Users have the ability to talk to one another and make webcam calls exactly like Facebook and Skype video chat.


This feature allows members to update their relationship status in their profile when appropriate. This feature is similar to a feature Facebook uses.

Text Chat

Live chat capability is undoubtedly a critical component of any social website. Our chat allows members to converse and exchange messages in real-time. This feature is integrated Audio/Video Chat system to your social network provides an added convenience to build strong and deepens members relationship while creating a competitive edge from competitors.

Video Uploads

Video uploads allows members to upload video files directly from computer/Mobil devices. Uploaded video files will be converted into MP4 format to enhance the performance so that it loads and plays fast. Members can show off their favorite moments directly from their phone and computers.


Set aside the boring and age-old style of liking an activity. Express yourself with fun and expressive emotions such as: Like, Love, Thankful, Haha, Wow, Sad and Praying.


Community forums are effective for community-building allowing members participate by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas and more. Victorious Christians forum and message boards are designed to engage our members in dialog related to Christian topics and Christian relationships. Our forum feature is perfect for our members and has all features of a you would expect.


The Poke feature provides a simple, easy and speedy way of initiating discussions. The Poke feature permits a user to grab the attention of another user.

SMS/Text Verification

SMS Verification helps protect Victorious Christians by adding SMS verification functionality to User Registration. After completing the standard registration, all members need to enter their mobile number while logged in to receive a SMS code on their mobile device. After entering the correct code, members are provided access participate in the community normally.

Profile Verification

This feature is used to established authenticity of members on Victorious Christians. It allows Victorious Christian's to verify members’ information by reviewing official documentation provided by member.  Members participating will have a Verified Badge displayed on their profile.