About Victorious Christian

Victorious Christian’s primary goal is to provide testimony to Jesus Christ being the only Son of God and by true belief in Him a person is eternally saved.  That single statement while brief is essentially what scripture states is necessary for salvation. Perhaps the single most recognized scripture in the world is John 3:16 where the apostle John tells us in verse 16 that all who believe in Christ will be saved.  A lesser recognized scripture which follows immediately after John tells us we need to believe is verse 18 where John says all who do not believe stand condemned already for not believing in the one true son of God.  While most say they agree with the necessity of belief in salvation.  Many of this same group disagree with the necessity to believe in Christ is not really necessary for everyone because many people come from different backgrounds and have different belief systems.  The reasoning typically is something to the effect so long as a person believes in God and is a good person God will judge their case favorably.   On the surface this sounds good, but will what sounds good stand up to the test on the day of Judgement every person is promised to face according to scripture.  These types of questions are critical to come to terms with for both Christians and seekers. 

Victorious Christians will provide the platform for both Christians and seekers to investigate and engage one another in the endeavor to uncover the truth. 

The primary rule which will be enforced consistently is demonstrating respect for other users in all communication.  It is not acceptable to insult, ridicule or demine others with differing beliefs.  It is also not acceptable at any time by those who do not believe in Christ to disrespect the Christian faith in any way.  The focus of this site is for those who earnestly believe, seek or question aspects of the faith to engage each other to come to better understanding though respectful discourse.  We have no desire to engage in debate with those whose goal is to attack the Christian faith so please be respectful to each other. 

We pray you are blessed today and thank you for joining us here at Victorious Christianss.