Community Reimagined

So, why another community? Aren’t there lots of choices to go and spend some time online? So what are we doing here at Victorious Christians that makes this worthwhile for you in any way? Well to be clear, Victorious Christians has existed for quite some time. Certainly, not really very productively for some years now but the concept and reasoning behind why I wanted to build a Christian community remains the same. I have a strong desire to create a truly Christian community or and experience that actually brings Christians together in a meaningful and Godly way. I struggled for some time considering is this what I want or is this something God wants me to do. That answer has always been the easiest for me to discern because honestly it’s sometimes hard to separate what I want from what God is asking me to do. That darn flesh is sure hard to deal with. However, I firmly believe because this desire has not faded and I continue to bring it before the Lord, I am in this all the way.  Having taken up other interests, a career and dealing with family illnesses and other facts of life we all face has left me with tremendous gratitude and also looking to accomplish something meaningful which makes a difference in people’s lives

The vision for this community is broad. While there has been a focus on Christian relationships and dating I now know there is much more that we need to do. With your help, prayer and support we are going to create a community where Christians can fellowship, pray, seek relationships, care for one another and engage in commerce with our website and with each other. We will need many prayers and ask for your support and promotion. Getting started is not easy. Building something beautiful where Christians can experience life with one another for the glory of God will take hard work. We hope you will consider this a noble goal and will excitingly support, help and have patience as we proceed.

What can you do here at Victorious Christians now? In short, plenty. We are building a robust technology infrastructure where many of the types of activities you currently engage with on other platforms are also possible here. We are focused on  dynamic communications and as such have very capable video calling options for couples as well as small groups.  We also have many features and options to keep you entertained and connected. We will build an enhanced as we move on. Check out this page for a list of our features.

So why us instead of just continuing on Facebook and some of the other sites you use? Well there are a few good reasons which are very important. While many of the features you would find on Facebook are also available on Victorious Christians I think we all know there are huge issues which exist today with not only Facebook but also many of the big tech companies. We’ve learned in recent years how much power these companies now have to control and influence so many areas of our lives. If you read the terms and conditions of these platforms carefully we are giving them authorization to compile massive amounts of data about everything you do. During the pandemic my Google maps app would ask me in the morning was I working from home today? Just absolutely crazy and scary to think what they do with our information. For this reason I have decided we are not going to utilize the Google Play store or the Apple app store to host apps for our website. We will not agree to their terms and conditions for what we can and cannot say. However, we believe apps are important and have developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) which you should have an option to install when visiting Victorious Christians on a mobile device.

Victorious Christians is not spying on you, selling your information. We are not using enormous profits and bending laws by spending millions and millions of dollars influencing elections. Insert Link The problem with many of these other platforms isn’t that they aren’t great platforms. They are often state of the art and the best that money can buy. With that comes large greedy corporations that exploit just about anything you can imagine. Supporting Victorious Christians helps build a community that isn’t designed to rip you off. Recently we purchased something off a Facebook ad for Wayfair which turned out to be nothing but a fraudulent website designed to look exactly like Wayfair. This website had a single function which was to deceive you and steal your credit card and then steal your money. Deceitful as it gets.

So, in a nutshell we want to build not just a Christian mingling community but we want to build a community that impacts your life. We are envisioning a community that is built with light in a dark and dismal world. 

Join today and ask your friends to join also. 

God bless you and those you love,

Victorious Christians