Unshackled by Society: Embracing the Unseen Privileges of Being Single for God’s Glory

Freedom in Christ

Reflection for the Day:

In the mirage of modern living, singleness often appears to us as an empty void, a gap that needs filling. The societal lens can distort our view, making us believe that we’re somehow incomplete or inferior if we are single. Yet, the Bible paints a different picture, a beautiful one. Today, we’ll delve into 1 Corinthians 7:32-34, revealing how singleness can actually be a season of unparalleled spiritual growth, a blessed period in which we can devote ourselves fully to pleasing the Lord, devoid of earthly distractions.

Biblical Insight:

In our quest to understand the nuances of our singlehood, Apostle Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 7:32-34 can serve as a lighthouse. He guides us away from societal norms that glorify marriage as the ultimate achievement. Instead, Paul highlights the spiritual opportunities provided by the single life.

Paul underscores that an unmarried individual is better able to focus on the Lord’s affairs. Marriage, while beautiful and God-ordained, brings with it additional responsibilities and concerns. In this passage, Paul is not depreciating the sanctity of marriage but inviting us to appreciate the unique spiritual privileges that singleness offers.

Think of Martha and Mary, sisters who welcomed Jesus into their home in Luke 10. Martha, consumed by the role of a perfect hostess, misses the opportunity to learn from Jesus. Mary, on the other hand, seizes the moment and sits at Jesus’ feet, drinking in his teachings. Mary’s undivided attention serves as an allegory for the spiritual potential of our singlehood.

Also consider the life of Paul himself, a single man who made enormous contributions to the early Church. His singleness wasn’t a hindrance but a means through which he fulfilled his divine calling. His letters, teachings, and missionary journeys continue to shape our faith today.

Similarly, John the Baptist lived a life of singleness, his existence wholly dedicated to preparing the way for Jesus. His life serves as an enduring testament to the potential of a life solely focused on God’s mission.

Then there’s Jeremiah, God’s solitary prophet, whose message persisted despite societal rejection. His life story reassures us that even in our alone moments, we are in the company of God.

These biblical figures illuminate the potential of singleness to foster a deep, undistracted devotion to God. They were unhindered by the additional responsibilities that come with marriage, and they served God’s purposes in unique and powerful ways.

In this light, we can perceive our singleness not as a deficit, but as an opportunity for unparalleled spiritual growth. We are freed from societal constraints and can, like Mary, Paul, John the Baptist, and Jeremiah, choose the “better part”.

Applying the Scripture:

Embracing this understanding of singleness means accepting your current status as a gift, not a burden. It’s about acknowledging the distinctive opportunities this season presents and using them for God’s glory.

First, focus on cultivating your relationship with God. Use the additional time you have as a single person to deepen your knowledge of His Word and engage in focused prayer. Try setting aside quiet time each day to study the Bible and converse with God.

Next, expand your view of relationships beyond the romantic sphere. As Christians, we are part of a larger spiritual family. Engage more actively in your church community. Participate in Bible studies or join ministry teams. These relationships can bring immense joy and spiritual enrichment.

Also, don’t let your single status stifle your calling. Jeremiah was single, yet he faithfully delivered God’s message despite being ridiculed. Like Jeremiah, let your singlehood be a catalyst for courageously pursuing God’s call on your life.

Remember, your singleness also offers you the flexibility and freedom to serve God in diverse ways. Whether it’s through mission work, serving in a local shelter, or mentoring young Christians, there are countless ways to use your time and talents for God’s glory.

Lastly, learn contentment in your season of singleness. As Paul writes in Philippians 4:11, learn the secret of being content in any and every situation. Your worth is not defined by your relationship status, but by your identity as a child of God.

Here are some actionable steps:

  • Cultivate your relationship with God by dedicating specific time each day to study His Word and pray.
  • Invest in the relationships within your church community and spiritual family.
  • Like Jeremiah, use your singleness as a catalyst to courageously pursue God’s calling.
  • Use your time and talents for God’s glory in diverse ways.
  • Learn to find contentment in your current season of life, knowing your worth is in being a child of God.

Our Prayer Together:

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for the gift of singleness. We’re grateful for the unique opportunities this season affords us to serve You with undivided devotion. Help us to embrace this time in our lives, not as a period of lack, but as one of abundance, in which we can deeply invest in our relationship with You.

We pray for strength to resist societal pressures and courage to cherish singleness. Guide us, Lord, in using this time for Your glory. As we walk this path, may we always find comfort in Your presence, knowing that in every season of life, we are complete in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Zephaniah 3:17 — 'The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves...' Reflection: God is always with you and delights in you...  


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